Using Kindle App & Scrivener For Editing

Une idée vraiment intéressante… à essayer à l’occasion.

Written by Author Everett Powers :

– « I’ve blogged a couple of times recently about the editing process. I’ve written than I edit my first few drafts on-screen because they are very rough drafts. When I think I’m done editing on-screen I print a hard copy, in courier typeface. I catch many errors when editing on hard-copy that I missed when editing on-screen.

In the past, hard-copy-editing would be the end of the line for me. I’d go through a couple of printouts, then publish the ebook version of my book (after designing the cover, of course). I published my first two books to Smashwords and would download copies of both the EPub and Kindle versions to browse through, to ensure I’d gotten the formatting down. But I no longer publish to Smashwords because I got so few sales there and have come to believe that Amazon is my path to better sales.

I’ve recently discovered another beneficial mode of manuscipt editing: editing on my iPad using the Kindle app. Here’s why I think self-published authors shouldn’t ignore this valuable tool.

You should view and edit your work in every form your readers will be exposed to.

CreateSpace will tell you to scrutinize the proof copy of your printed book; you should donthe same for the Kindle version. »

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