Magic Mike, the Wants and the Needs !

In his film, Magic MikeSteven Soderberger shows just how easy it is for people to lie to themselves for unimportant but comfortable dreams, life or values etc… 

The film is about the difference between what we want, and what we really need. His main character, Mike, spends a lot of time for his fantasies, wishes and desires : sea, sex and sun, and easy money. He thinks he has to build his own business for self-accomplishment. But day by day, he realizes his mistake. He needs someone who can see him as a sensitive man and not just as a fantasy : a magic lover, a bankable stripper or a best friend.

So simple and so complex to evolve. He has to give up a well known life with a clear future and a positive public image ;  to open up to his true love, almost his opposite, and show a new image of himself in an unknown new life.

The character progression is slow and very subtle, and i like very much the pace of the film. I can feel the same kind of stake for myself and people i know (in a very different social and culture context). I think it is a very universal story. From a storytelling point of view, it is a very good example of how to deal with the characters « Wants » Vs the « Needs ».

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