How to Block Scenes Effectively !

I am facing some troubles to Block an important scene !

What is « Blocking », why is it important, and how can we do it well ?

Fortunately, the Writing Excuses Podcast has got some useful advices, tips & tricks ! (thanks to Brandon SandersonMary Robinette KowalDan Wells & Howard Tayler)


They begin with a definition (blocking is the part of the narrative that tells the reader where the characters are, where the scenery is, and how these things are interacting) and then talk about why it’s important, especially how it applies to “show, don’t tell,” and how the needs of the story will dictate what actually needs to be shown.

Finally, they discuss how to block scenes effectively, and how each of us do it.

Writing Excuses 8.18: Blocking [ 18:11 ]

Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart.


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