A Moving Sound Sculpture with a Dancer !

The body – constant and indefinite at the same time – »bursts« the space already with its mere physicality, creating a first distinction between the self and its environment. Only the body movements create a reference to the otherwise invisible space.

Unnamed Sculptor

Unnamed Sound Sculpture cloud

This sound sculpture had been made recording motion data of a real person. The dancer, Laura Keil, based in Berlin interpreted a musical piece – Kreukeltape by Rutger Zuydervelt (Aka Machinefabriek). She was recorded by three depth cameras (Kinect), in which the intersection of the images was later put together to a three-dimensional volume (3d point cloud).

Laura Keil dancing


The three-dimensional image allowed a free handling of the digital camera, without limitations of the perspective. The camera also reacts to the sound and supports the physical imitation of the musical piece by the performer. She moves to a noise field, where a simple modification of the random seed can consistently create new versions of the video, each offering a different composition of the recorded performance.

Unnamed Sound Sculpture model

The multi-dimensionality of the sound sculpture is already contained in every movement of the dancer, as the camera footage allows any imaginable perspective.

See Laura Keil dancing

You can also watch the making of to learn more about the technical installation and the process

Created by Onformative studio, more informations on this generative design are available HERE


3 commentaires Ajoutez le vôtre

  1. WOW …..Difficile à décrire, sinon que c’est tout à fait Génial !!!
    Merci pour le partage l’ami …

    Bonne soirée



    1. egouvernaire dit :

      Content que cela vous plaise 🙂 De quoi s’endormir avec le sourire…


  2. alors donc j’ai le sourire pour cette nuit ! trop bien ! bon je maitrise pas bien l’anglais mais grace aux videos je comprend un peu mieux,


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