Anton Chekhov : A Chemist of Narrative !

To a chemist, nothing on earth is unclean. A writer must be as objective as a chemist. He must abandon the subjective line. He must know that dungheaps play a very respectable part in a landscape, and that evil passions are as inherent in life as good ones.

Anton Chekhov

The Seagull is the first of what are generally considered to be the four major Plays by Chekow. Written in 1895 and first produced in 1896, it was adapted for the big screen by another kind of chemist.

The Sea Gull 1968, Sidney Lumet


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  1. Very interesting…I learned many new things…ce sera un plaisir de te suivre! Merci de me suivre aussi dur Migration-X3!


    1. egouvernaire dit :

      C’est avec plaisir ! Le smiley d’accueil de ton Blog est vraiment terrible !


      1. Merci…il me plaît bien aussi depuis que je l’ai aperçu…bonne fin de soirée.


      2. egouvernaire dit :

        Pareillement !


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