How to Build Chapter Breakdowns !

You want to know how to determines your chapter breaks? How do you handle point of view shifts, scene-sequel balance, and other considerations when you’re carving your stories into chapters ?

Listen the Writing Excuses Podcast tips & tricks with Brandon SandersonMary Robinette KowalDan Wells & Howard Tayler !


Dan starts with a discussion of the point of view (POV) considerations in Fragments and in Ruins (from the Partials series,) and Brandon contrasts that with some of the epic fantasy methods. They argue the respective merits and pitfalls of rapid switching and large blocks, and then they talk about how the chapters take shape during our outlines and initial drafts.

Writing Excuses 8.27: Chapter Breakdowns [ 19:23 ]

Fifteen minutes long, because you’re in a hurry ! And we’re not that smart.


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