Scrap Metal Birds, Insects and Fish !

Edouard Martinet transforms scrap metal into birds, insects and fish, creating these adorable animals.


Edouard Martinet lives in Brittany, France, studied design at L’Ecole Superieure des Arts Graphiques, in Paris.


Martinet has now become a virtuoso insectophile. At ten years old, a teacher introduced him to insects, leading to forty years of fascination with elegant tiny creatures, transforming bits and pieces of cast off junk culled from flea markets and car boot sales into exquisitely executed insect, fish and animal forms.


He does not solder or weld parts. His sculptures are screwed together. These works have a graceful character, rather than the dry precision of a watchmaker, they glow with new life.


Martinet takes about a month to make a sculpture, and will often work on two or three pieces at the same time. His most recent completion take up seventeen years to find the perfect component.


Butterfly parts

Wings : moped chain guards
Legs : bike brake parts , pieces of winshield wipers , bike chains
Abdomen : old acetylene light tank
Thorax : car suspension part, small spoon parts , cream chargers
Head : headlights, bike parts
Butterfly trunk : clock springs
Hair : pieces of a daisy wheel
Antennae : brake cables, on the top : drawer knobs

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  1. jaurelguay dit :

    A reblogué ceci sur Not-Dot and commented:
    Amazing animal sculptures from scrap!


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