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Silent Running by Douglas Trumbull (1972)

Opening credits

This is the profoundly delicate and sensitive title sequence that draws you into the world of « Silent Running » and it’s desperate message about preserving life on Earth. It painted a bleak picture of the future that may have served as a useful wake up call in 1972.

Ending credits

by Joan Baez

It was the first picture of Doug Trumbull as director with a small budget, and he pulled together an astounding little film, which still touches the heart of all but the heartless.


Silent Running made Bruce Dern a star, and launched the FX careers of many other artists.


Those who have seen the film will never forget the relationship between the hero and his robots…


I don’t think it’s possible for special effects to overwhelm the story if it is a strong story. There are too many films that have been made where special effects are holding up a lousy story, or poor performances or poor direction. But as long as the direction is solid and the concept of the film is solid, special effects can’t do anything but enhance

Douglas Trumbull


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  1. toothbrush dit :

    ah, la séquence de fin…tellement mélancolique et beau…J’ai envie de revoir le film, maintenant…


    1. egouvernaire dit :

      Je crois bien qu’il existe une belle édition blue Ray (L’image de mon vieux dvd est assez décevante)


      1. toothbrush dit :

        J’ai la même version que toi.


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