Bodily Maps of Emotions !

Chests puffing up with pride — and happiness felt head to toe — are sensations as real as they are universal. And now we can make an atlas of them (Yellow shows regions of increased sensation while blue areas represent decreased feeling in these composite images).

I think it can be a very useful tool to describe a character’s emotion / sensation.


Image courtesy of Lauri Nummenmaa, Enrico Glerean, Riitta Hari, and Jari Hietanen.

Researchers have long known that emotions are connected to a range of physiological changes, from nervous job candidates’ sweaty palms to the racing pulse that results from hearing a strange noise at night.  But new research reveals that emotional states are universally associated with certain bodily sensations, regardless of individuals’ culture or language.

You can read more in these article : Body Atlas Reveals Where We Feel Happiness and Shame & Bodily maps of emotions

I also found these interesting work to demonstrate how a light can modify our perception of an emotion of a face.

Henri-Georges Clouzot did the same kind of work on his unfinished film Inferno


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  1. Aurore Pupil dit :

    Très intéressant ! Merci Emmanuel 🙂


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