One Dance, Two Minutes, Fifty Locations !

Mitchell Rose and BodyVox dance company present


Winner of five festival awards including the “Audience Award” at Dance Camera West.

Dance : Ashely Roland & Jamey Hampton / Music : William Goodrum


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  1. Très chouette ! tourné en décors naturels ou décors implantés derrière les danseurs ? Ca a l’air d’être « du vrai ».


    1. egouvernaire dit :

      C’est effectivement tourné en décor naturel 🙂


  2. Mitchell Rose dit :

    Thanks very much for featuring my film « Advance. » This film began a period of exploration for me in what I call « hyper-matchcutting » — films where every adjacent edit is perfectly aligned in position and continuity. Of course there’s nothing new in this. Buster Keaton did it so brilliantly 90 years ago in Sherlock, Jr.

    I experimented more with this in my film « Contact. » And then in my crowd-souced « Globe Trot » and in my new film that came out last month, « Exquisite Corps » (which has gone viral with 900,000 views).

    I think I’m done with the hyper-matchcutting exploration… but it was interesting.

    Thanks again.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. egouvernaire dit :

      Thank you too for your comment. I have watched all your films and indeed you are mastering that technique perfectly 🙂 And i have read your « Globe Trot Manual ». It’s very inspiring for any collabartive work by distance. Thank you very much for that too 🙂


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